Welcome to the bloodline web of Angels of Liberty.

Formed in 2011 in the UK, Angels of Liberty are a new UK Gothic Rock band. Their aim is to create Goth with a capital G for the elite few left who are still proud to call themselves Goths, those who, with their passion and will, tend to the Black Flame. 

Since the first few drops from their blood stained chalice became available from Secret Sin Records in the form of the 'Monster In Me' EP they have gone on to create a hardcore cult following with a string of EPs a single and a full album: Pinnacle of the Draco which is already a Goth classic. "Less of a Band more of a Serpent Cult, we have our sights on creating an alchemy between us and fans of Gothic Rock on a small and personal scale for the purpose of re-creating some of the magic we felt so long ago".

Perhaps you will join us as a co-conspirator and help us raise up this Empire of Decay and birth a new generation of Goths to be baptised in the blood of the old sound?