The new full album by Angels of Liberty is out just in time for Halloween 2015. 

1. Return Of Empire 

2. The Glorious Shining Initiation Of The Head

3. Love Still Remains

4. Anaesthesia

5. Touch The Daemon

6. Sophia

7. Leda

8. Death To Wake Up

9. Gears Of The Atom Man

10. True Hallucinations

11. Telepathine

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Angels Of Liberty - Touch The Daemon - GMR EP

Touch The Daemon - EP -

7 Track EP, Comes in deluxe digi pack with lyric book and is Signed by the band. Limited to a pressing of 333 copies.

Tracks: 01. Touch The Daemon, 02. Ritual & Tradition, 03. Sophia, 04. Our Tears, 05. Break The Silence, 06. Black Knight Satellite, 07. With Our Love.

All copies from us come signed. :)

Sold Out


Sold Out

Angels of Liberty - Pinnacle Of The Draco

Pinnacle of the Draco Double CD Digi-Pack with a 20 page booklet

1-1 Talk About Nothing 
1-2 Eat The Sun 
1-3 Dead Tormented 
1-4 Weaving Spiders 
1-5 Monster In Me 
1-6 Complicated 
1-7 Man Of Sin 
1-8 Monster In Me Feat Nino (Aeon Sable)

2-1 Dance Of Death 
2-2 Blood Thief 
2-3 Ritual & Tradition (Demo 2013) 
2-4 Kukulkan 
2-5 Starsailors 
2-6 Mars & Minerva 
2-7 Black Madonna 
2-8 Dance Of Death 
2-9 Talk About Nothing

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Angels of Liberty - Double EP - Digi-Pack

Double CD Digi-Pack

Includes Booklet



Mars & Minerva

The Black Madonna

Weaving Spiders Come Not Here

One Step Closer

Take Back The Night

Xepera Xeperu


The Hermit

Monster In Me

Shadows Come From Light

Secret Track

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